Research Project: Covid-19, Disability and Health and Social Care services

Research Project: Covid-19, Disability and Health and Social Care services

March – June 2021

Tell us about the services you use and improve services in your area!

The eight North East London local Healthwatch, in partnership with the East London Health and Care Partnership (the eight councils and 12 NHS organisations in East London), are conducting a programme of community insights gathering with disabled residents. 

Healthwatch Waltham Forest is taking part in a regional project to understand how Covid-19 had impacted the Health and Social Care provision for people classified as disabled.

We want to capture local experiences and co-produce policy recommendations with the community based on lived experiences during the pandemic. This is an evidence-based method to improve outcomes for patients and service users.

Who can take part?

Waltham Forest residents who are:

  • Deaf, disabled or who experience a long-term condition with substantial impact on their daily life.
  • Carers of a disabled person who many are not able to take part themselves.

How can I participate?

There are two ways to participate in this project:

  1. Enter an online survey and be entered in a prize draw where you could win up to £200 in Amazon vouchers.
  2. In a focus group or interview to discuss experiences of services and build recommendations.

Online Surveys are available in General, Easy Read, Carers format. You can find them here:

To request an interview over the phone, Take part in a focus group or interview, or for more details:

Email:, referencing the Covid-19 and disability project

Or call: 020 3078 9990