Advice on taking medication safely

October 4, 2022

For this year’s World Patient Safety Day (17 September), Barts Health NHS Trust asked people for questions on the topic of taking medication safely.

Meet Sunaina and Sumaiyah who will be answering your questions

Here’s the response for question 1: What to do if you struggle to understand labels on medicines, especially if your first language isn’t English

Response to question 2: Where should I keep my medicines?

Response to question 3: Does medicine have an expiry date?

Response to question 4: What medicines can you take if you are breastfeeding?

Response to question 5: What should you do, if you take too much medicine?

Response to question 6: Is it safe to take vitamins and supplements if I am prescribed medication?

Response to question 7: Help! All my tablets look the same and I get confused when taking them


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