Free Deaf Awareness Workshops

In the UK, 1 in 6 people have some degree of hearing loss. Empowering Deaf Society (EDS) is a deaf-led charity dedicated to improving the quality of life for deaf people. The Society works with local community services and businesses to raise awareness about the deaf community.

The Society runs a series of FREE deaf awareness workshops for companies who are seeking to increase inclusivity and break down the barriers that most deaf people face by developing deaf awareness and accessibility.

Participants will come away with easy to remember communication tips and basic knowledge of some British Sign Language, all of which can be instantly put to use in the workplace to improve support to those who are deaf or hard of hearing.

What Is Included in the Workshop?
This Deaf Awareness workshop consists of two one-hour Zoom sessions.

The first part consists of a one-hour presentation, introducing the issues and barriers faced by deaf people and highlights strategies to improve understanding of the challenges deaf people face every day in order to improve communication skills with colleagues, customers and service users who are affected with hearing loss.

The second session provides an Introduction to British Sign Language Skills to be used when communicating with the deaf community.

These sessions can be booked to run concurrently or split over different times and days.

Participants must have attended the first part of this workshop to be able to book on to the second hour.

How to book
If you have any queries / or would like to book a Deaf Awareness Workshop, please click HERE.

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