FREE Walking Groups from Age UK Waltham Forest

September 24, 2021

Age UK Waltham Forest is running a series of free Walking Groups in Chingford, Walthamstow and Leytonstone, starting from October. If you would like to join, please register via this link here


Leader: Carol Richards
Day of week: Wednesday
Start date: 20th October
Time: 10.30am
Meeting point: Ridgeway Park, Peel Close, London E4 6XU.  Meet by the tennis courts and café.


Leader: Joanna Moncrieff
Day of week: Tuesday
Start date: 19th October
Time: 11.00am
Meeting point:  Outside Costa Coffee, 5 Station Approach, Walthamstow, London E17 9QF. (The café is next to the exit via platform one.)


Leaders: Richard Patterson and Rizvana Asgher
Day of week: Wednesday
Start date: 20th October
Time: 11.00am
Meeting point:  Outside Leytonstone Underground Station, Church Lane, E11 1HE. (The side facing the shops and St John’s Church NOT the bus station.)


Who will be there?
This walk is open to people aged over 60.

How long does the walk last?
The walk will last approximately 45 minutes.

How fast does the group walk?
The group walks at a slow / steady pace, and always accommodates the speed of the slowest walker.

What do I need to wear?
Please wear suitable clothing and footwear for the weather. We advise wearing closed toe shoes whatever the weather.

Do I need to register / fill in any forms before I attend my first walk?
We will take basic details such as name and address prior to attending your first walk. You can just turn up on the day and the walk leader will carry out a register.

Are there any hills on route?
We will avoid hills where possible.

What is the terrain?
The walk will be on pavements throughout.

Do I have to come every week?
Whilst we’d love to see you every week, this is not a requirement. We know that sometimes life gets busy, and you may not always be able to make it!

Can I attend more than one group?
Of course!

What happens if the walk leader doesn’t turn up?
If you arrive at the start point and there is no sign of the walk leader, please call 020 8558 5512 to get an update from the main office. If your walk leader does not arrive, please feel free to join the other participants for a walk.

What happens if it rains?
The walk will still happen in most weathers. If you are worried about weather conditions, please call the main office on 020 8558 5512.

What about safety on the walk?
Our walk leaders are fully trained to lead walks, and all walks are fully risk assessed to ensure safety for everyone involved.

Is there somewhere to stop during the walk?
The walk leaders will allow for points to stop throughout the walk.

Are there toilets available?
We will try to use routes that have toilets available.

If I know the route, can I join half way through?
The walks do not always follow the same route, therefore we would advise against this as you may not end up in the same place as the rest of the group!

If I turn up on my own is it going to be a problem?
Not at all! The group is a great opportunity to meet new people.

I have a long-term health condition or illness, can I attend the walk?
We advise that if you have a long-term health condition you speak to your GP before attending a walk. On your first walk, it is advisable you speak to the walk leader about your needs, and it is your responsibility to let the walk leader know if you are feeling unwell or need to stop at any point.

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