GPs ask patients about their daily lives to get a holistic picture of their health

August 29, 2023

Starting this month, around 500,000 people across north east London (including Waltham Forest) will be asked four yes/no questions by their GP practice, either sent by text or asked during a routine interaction. This is part of an initiative, co-designed by NHS North East London and Queen Mary University of London, which will run for two years, to gather information to identify people with problems that are not directly related to their health, but which can impact it (e.g. housing issues and loneliness). This information will help GPs to provide personalised health advice and signpost people to local services that can help address their problems directly to reduce the impact they have on people’s health and address health inequalities across the area.

The four questions are:

  • Do you have problems with your housing? (For example damp, overcrowding, or insecure tenancy)
  • Do you have difficulty making ends meet at the end of the month?
  • Are you lonely?
  • Do you find it hard to understand information given to you about your health, or treatments you may be receiving?

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