Help shape the future of step-free access on the Tube

Transport for London (TfL) has launched a consultation to gather views on the future of step-free access travel on the Tube.

The feedback from this consultation will help to shape priorities and improvements on the London Underground network in the years ahead.

They are keen to reach out to as many people as possible. If you benefit from step-free access or have views about this, please visit the consultation website which contains a survey, easy read documents, British Sign Language videos and information on what step-free access looks like today.

If you would prefer to provide your feedback by phone, please call 020 3054 6037 or if you would like to use a textphone service, please contact 0800 112 3456.

When completing the survey, have a think about what features in a step-free Tube station are most important to you. For example, is it more important that a step-free Tube station has an interchange onto another line, or, that it is next to a town centre?

The consultation closes on 10 February 2022 and the survey takes around ten minutes to complete.

British Sign Language webinars will also be taking place throughout the consultation period, and dates can be found on the consultation website.

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