Mental Health Awareness Week May 10 – 16

Over the pandemic Waltham Forest residents said the pandemic had a negative impact on their mental health with more people feeling depressed and anxious as a result. Many people however stated that going for a walk-in nature helped tremendously.

For Mental Health Awareness Week the national theme is Nature. Did you know that connecting with nature helps you achieve two of your 5 ways to wellbeing at once- Be Active and Take Notice. It also increases your creativity, empathy, and help reduce stress, while raising your mood.

We are tremendously blessed in Waltham Forest with many nature reserves and amazing sceneries which draws in visitors from around London and the UK. For the month of May, why not take up the challenge to connect more with nature- take part in the Plant Lovers Walk in Lloyd Park, visit one of Waltham Forest’s nature reserves, and share your photos with families and friends on social media using #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek.  

See the council webpage here for further information.


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