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Your spotlight on local services

New vision for NHS in East London launched


Transforming serviuces, Changing Lives - Case for Change, a document outlining a new vision for NHS care in East London was published on 18 December 2014. 


The NHS in east London faces huge challenges. Birth rates and A&E attendances are rising rapidly as the population grows; health services need to improve; but an overall financial deficit remains. We cannot afford to carry on as we are.

There is a clear case for change, not just to improve existing services but to ensure health and social care in east London tackles the continuing difficulties we face and takes full advantage of opportunities to improve. The NHS in east London wants and needs to be bold, in order to make a difference and be sustainable.

The Case for Change

The Case for Change provides an overview of current local services, describes what needs to change and outlines our ambitions for the future – for hospital services, primary care and mental health provision.

There are programmes of work tackling immediate issues, but the Case for Change seeks to identify their root causes. For instance:

  • It is far more efficient and effective to prevent ill health and treat people holistically by looking at their physical and mental health needs together
  • There are tremendous opportunities to care for more people in their own homes and support them to be healthier. We can use technology to make appointments through the internet. We can use pioneering robotics to do complex procedures more safely and with ever-improving outcomes. But we also need to get the basics right. Yes, we can talk about offering outpatient appointments via video conferencing at the evening or weekend, but first we need to organise services to prevent patients receiving their appointment details only the day before (or sometimes after) their appointment
  • We need to integrate care, and design new, more efficient, care pathways so that patients experience joined-up, responsive health and social care services
  • Where there are clear advantages in co-locating some specialties we should do so. Where buildings are not being used effectively, we should develop alternatives

We do not need to choose between making efficiencies or improving care. We can create a virtuous circle, reducing costs, driving out inefficient working practices and providing more patient-focused, high-quality health and social care.

We thank the 350 clinicians across east London and almost 3,000 members of the public, patients and other stakeholders who took time to help us develop ideas for change. In particular we would like to thank Healthwatch, local councils, clinicians and members of the patient and public reference group for their time, effort and invaluable contributions.

Next steps
Organisations need to work together to create change across the whole health care system. The work emerging from the Transforming Services, Changing Lives – Case for Change will fit into a wider programme of improvements across the whole range of health and social care called Transforming Services Together. More information on this programme is available in the Case for Change.

We are confident this work will mean that health and social care systems will work together to improve the population’s health and secure high-quality sustainable services for staff, patients and taxpayers – as the people of east London expect and deserve.

If you would like to request a speaker to come and explain our plans at one of your meetings or events, please contact us on tscl@nelcsu.nhs.uk or 020 3688 1540. In addition we would be grateful if you could help us to publicise the Case for Change through your own channels. Please share this email with your colleagues and stakeholders.

More details on the programme canbe found here http://www.transformingservices.org.uk/case-for-change.htm 


Transforming Services, Changing Lives - Case for Change - Full Report