NHS online survey about clinical research volunteering

The NHS is doing some work to collect views around volunteering to take part in clinical research. To have your say please take 10 minutes to fill in the online survey (link below) which will be running until the end of February. They are particularly keen to share the survey and collect responses from BAME communities.

They are particularly keen to boost survey completion from

(a) people from BAME communities

(b) low-income working age adults and/or people living in communities experiencing social disadvantage and deprivation

(c) people living with common long-term conditions including asthma, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure

(d) people who may be digitally excluded and not habitually use smartphones, the internet or social media

(e) carers, who are currently under-represented among survey respondents.

Your answers will contribute to national projects that help the NHS to deliver better healthcare for thousands of people in the UK.


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