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Your spotlight on local services

Our 2014/15 Annual Report


Our 2014/15 annual report is now available. The report highlights what we have done and how we have made impact on health and social care services within the London Borough of Waltham Forest. Key successes include:

1. Taking part in over 500 activities, gathering local people’s views.
2. Carrying out research at 4 GP surgeries in Waltham Forest.
3. Identifying 18,393 patient experience issues in Waltham Forest.
4. Making people’s voices known on 102 occasions, attending 212 meetings and publishing over 15 reports.
5. Completing over 500 surveys at Whipps Cross Hospital Emergency and Urgent Care Centre.
6. Providing Healthwatch England with 2,082 individual items of intelligence, containing a wealth of experiences about local health and social care services.
7. Handling 133 health and social care-related enquiries via our Information & Sign posting service.
8. Recruiting over 40 volunteers to cover almost every aspect of our work.
9. Processing 6,315 comments about local health & social care services.
10. Patience Experience Panel (made up of volunteers) meeting on 51 occasions to review all accounts of service users experiences received by Healthwatch Waltham Forest.

Please see our reports section for a copy of the report.

If you require this report in an alternative format, please email info@healthwatchwalthamforest.co.uk or call 020 3078 9990.