Parking Changes at Whipps Cross Hospital

October 14, 2021

Work is underway to remove the derelict buildings on the site where the new Whipps Cross Hospital will be built.

Hospital services will not be affected by the works, but there will be changes to parking for visitors, patients and staff.


Staff will no longer be able to park around the Phase 3 buildings (yellow area marked on map) or next to the Phase 4 buildings (pink area marked on the map).  Instead, there will be a temporary staff car park within the Phase 2 area (green). Phase 1 (blue) and Phase 5 (purple) are also now temporary staff car parks.

There will be reduced visitor and patient parking in front of Phase 3. More visitor and patient parking will be provided in the space in front of the Phase 4 buildings.



To find out more about the Whipps Cross Hospital redevelopment, please visit and if you have any further questions, please email

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