Staff at Barts Health NHS Trust share Covid-19 vaccine information in different languages

February 15, 2021

Staff at Barts Health NHS Trust have rallied together to encourage everyone to have a Covid-19 vaccine, sharing messages in their mother tongue. 

The messages are shared in 12 different languages, including: Punjabi, Bengali, Turkish, French and Urdu. See here for further information.

It is hoped that by sharing these messages in multiple different languages, they will be accessible to more people. And that they will be more likely to reach people in different communities, including Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities, where insights show there more likely to be mistrust and hesitancy around having a vaccine

The messages explain why it’s important to get a vaccine and dispel myths surrounding them. For example, some belive that having a Covid-19 vaccine affects fertility in women and men but this is not true.

By spreading accurate information that is accessible to more people, we hope that everyone will have a vaccine when they are invited to do so.

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