VacciNation: Exploring vaccine confidence – Healthwatch England report

Healthwatch England have launched a new report that explores vaccine confidence among people from African, Bangladeshi, Caribbean, and Pakistani backgrounds. We must understand what isn’t working about the current roll-out strategy for those less confident in the vaccine and use that information to help address people’s concerns.  

Key report findings
The research uncovered five ways to increase public confidence: 

  1. Individual agency: Give people the ability to decide about the vaccine by providing them with all the information.
  2. Independence: People are more likely to trust organisations and people, like doctors, scientists and the NHS, when they act independently from the Government. 
  3. Transparency: Transparency and trust go hand in hand. It’s essential to make all information about the vaccine public and accessible.
  4. Experience: The public trust and rely more on the experiences of frontline healthcare workers, local doctors and everyday people.
  5. Targeted messaging can miss the mark: Black and Asian people felt singled out and forced into a decision through targeted campaigns. Reaching out to these communities and engaging locally and directly was more effective

The Government and NHS can also apply these lessons to future public health campaigns to build trust and help tackle health inequalities more broadly. 

Healthwatch England will continue to play our part by pushing for a sharper focus on hearing the views of those the system currently overlooks and ensuring their feedback results in better health and care for everyone.

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