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Abbey Dental Walthamstow

Rated by Anonymous
19th October 2020

Poor service

It certainly leaves me unhappy with the situation we are in, since, as much as I am still paying for the NHS services, ALL the dental surgeries in my area are not receiving any new patients for months. Now that the situation is not into lockdown, they are still not receiving patients. And I need dental care.

Someone at the reception in Abbey Dental Practice
25 St James Street Walthamstow E17 7PJ, after saying the private consultation was available, she still said in 1 month and that they would have to take money in advance, while booking over the phone.
When asking when would it be the best time to book for next month, she replied "well, depends what's the best time for you", which is not helpful at all and makes me even more upset as this is poor service.
I do not intend to go over to Guy's Hospital, taking a day off work to go have my tooth checked and say that they can't do anything about it and I need dental care.
It's been months, during lockdown I could understand, but not now, with all the security measures and the cleanliness and disinfection that the dental practices should ensure.

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