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St James Medical Centre

Rated by Anonymous
15th June 2020

Feel totally let down by the medical centre s

Most of the reception staff are condescending and information doesn't seem to be passed on. I've been waiting weeks for a promised phone call from the pharmacist regarding my medicine. I was diagnosed with a disintegrated disc and a spinal protrusion after An MRI scanon 2nd January at Homerton University hospital. I was recommended physiotherapy. I told my gp and instead of sending me for physio as requested they sent me on unnecessary appointments. There is a letter on my medical file from an orthopaedic consultant dated March 7th 2020 stating to my gp there is no need to keep sending me to such appointments and I need physiotherapy as was prescribed on 2nd January by Homerton. As a result and such delay meant I then missed a chance to get an appointment before the covid outbreak, so as a result I have been in pain for 6 months unnecessarily. Also I have used the practice's online system to order repeat prescriptions and change my contact details. I have had 3 instances so far where I have been left without painkillers for at least 24hrs and one time 3 days because the system didn't get checked. I've also missed phone calls because the contact changes weren't relayed. I have called three times about my contact number and each time I'm treated like a child and a liar by the reception staff. Saying the doctor has called the correct number when in fact he hasn't. It's creating the most awful impression of what is supposed to be the best health care in the world. Disorganised systems, arrogant condescending reception staff, and doctors that send you all over instead of reading the medical file and following the suggested treatment. When I called and explained it was causing me anxiety to talk to them o was offered the number for an external mental health group. When I said I didn't want to speak to a group as I wanted it to be easier dealing with the health centre, the receptionist said "why don't you call them? Are you scared or something?" in such a tone that I was left in disbelief.

I was recently sent a message to use the MyGP app and when I set it up on my phone it said I needed to contact my gp to get the password. First I was told it wasn't something I needed as the receptionist didn't need one. Then when I explained ot was clear that the receptionist had no idea what I was talking about, so I asked to speak to someone who knew more about the app and was put through to the pharmacist who was as surprised as I was to learn that she was the one that was supposed to know about it. Every call feels like an ego battle and I dread having to call. This should not be what people have to go through at any time in their life, especially when they are ill or in pain.