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The Allum Practice

Rated by Anonymous
29th April 2021

OK service

I have a useful bit of information to share re vaccines. I had my first dose of the Pfizer on 13th Jan, through my GP Allum Practice. So I was hoping to get another call in 12 weeks time for my second. After the 12 weeks I did not hear, so I phoned the surgery, which promptly said I should contact NHS 119. They said since my 1st dose was through I should go back to them. I also tried their website and had the same response. So I went back to the surgery who repeated their earlier message, and then suggested I should phone W/forest townhall. After a long wait they said they will phone me later with a booking which they did. I think one of the reasons why I had this problem was because I heard they were having trouble with their Pfizer supplies, apart from the usual shambles at my surgery. Any way the Town Hall has a special Vaccines help line, which others need to know.

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