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Whipps Cross Urgent Care Centre (A&E, Walk-in centre)/Barts Health NHS Trust, North East London NHS Foundation Trust and WF GP FedNet

I wouldn’t even give this place a ONE STAR.

Since attended this hospital my condition has got 100X worse. I suffer with scoliosis and attended the hospital at 11:59 via taxi as the ambulance was taking long and I couldn’t wait I had lost all sensation in my toes and legs I was left in the waiting area for over 8 hours without being seen baring in my mind I had made them aware I feel like I’m getting worse and i suffer with scoliosis so I can’t sit up for to long I was ignored! At 3am I was then seen by a doctor when I mumbled to myself “thank you god” the doctor responded “I wouldn’t get to excited” absolutely disgusting attitude from all staff. I even over heard reception staff calling patients “assoles” and that he only came because he was worried about his sperm referring to him as a silly boy in front of me and other patients a msn was left in a wheelchair while having seizures and reception staff just sat there this was horrid to watch and then to get treated as if I didn’t matter on top of seeing all that was terrible. After been seen by the doctor BRIEFLY I was left in the corridor on a met chair where I started to get back pain and cramps I told the doctor she didn’t care only gave me co-dromal when I asked after when she was finally in sight then left me there after I explain the chairs are causing me pain and I was not seen untill after 7am by the day shift doctor I have been bed bound since not been able to see my kids or wash myself all due to the fact of my needs being ignored I found my trip pointless as all that happened in the end of for them to tell me my nerves are pinching and I should continue taking my meds now I’m suffering more than I was when I first went in that place