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Whipps Cross Urgent Care Centre (A&E, Walk-in centre)/Barts Health NHS Trust, North East London NHS Foundation Trust and WF GP FedNet

Rated by Anonymous
28th September 2020

Happy with service in light of pandemic

I had hurt my wrist during the pandemic. Even after two months of doing the exercise my GP recommended, I was still feeling discomfort. I attended urgent care and the nurse who triaged me informed that an X-ray would not be advisable due to had a fracture been present it would have fused by now, and also because the X-ray was being used frequently by COVID patients. Instead I was offered a phone consultation. The doctor provided me with a wrist sling and advised me to follow up with my GP if I continued feeling pain so that they could give me a steroid injection. The sling has helped but I am still feeling pins at night time. An X-ray would've helped to put me at ease but I do understand the difficulty of the situation due to COVID.

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