Waltham Forest: Have Your Say

LP2 Reg 19 Consultation

The Local Plan (LP2) Site Allocations Document consultation has launched.

The Site Allocations Document maps out where development might happen across the borough, and how these sites can best meet the needs of local people.

The Regulation 19 stage is more technical than previous consultations, and comments will go directly to the Planning Inspector. This stage requires that consultees answer a specific set of questions which are set out on two forms.

The consultation is open until Friday 14 January 2022.

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NCIL Consultation

What do neighbourhoods mean to you and how you live locally? What should the priorities be for local spending?  

You can have a say in this by getting involved with how the Council spends the Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy (NCIL). The NCIL pot is money the Council collects from new developments within the borough that can be spent on local infrastructure projects.

The consultation is open until Friday 14 January 2022.

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South Leytonstone Area Framework

Tell us your ideas for South Leytonstone! 

Waltham Forest Council is at the early stages of preparing a new Area Framework for South Leytonstone. It will provide a shared vision of how South Leytonstone can grow, adapt and thrive in the coming years, responding to the area’s unique local landscape, economy, character and heritage. 

Phase 1 of Public Engagement will run from Thursday 11 November until Friday 10 December 2021

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Inequalities in Waltham Forest Survey

A survey has been created so that all residents in Waltham Forest can provide their views on how Waltham Forest can be made a more equal place for all.

The structural inequalities that make it harder for some residents to reach their potential than others are highlighted in our State of the Borough Report.

You can read our inequalities report in full, or watch our short animation which summarises some of the main findings.

The Council is continuing to speak to residents and leaders from the communities most impacted by inequalities to get their perspectives on how we can make Waltham Forest more equal, with an initial emphasis on barriers to making a decent living.

The survey can be accessed here.



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