#WhippsWontWait: Petition

Waltham Forest and Redbridge Councils are calling on the government to secure funding for a brand new Whipps Cross Hospital.

In July, flooding that closed A&E and saw nearly 100 patients evacuated showed the dire condition that Whipps is in. Staff and patients deserve the modern hospital that was promised to them, but if the funding is not agreed there is a real risk that the new hospital will not be built. Developing the whole site alongside much needed homes, leisure, cultural facilities and more would also provide significant benefits for the local community.

The #WhippsWontWait petition has already been signed by thousands of people but as many people as possible are needed to get the government to respond.

Please sign and share the petition and tell the government we need a new Whipps Hospital now.

As one supporter said: “Now the time has come to have a new, state of the art hospital, to allow the amazing docs and nurses to be even better than they are.”

The petition is available at:

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